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We cannot thank you enough for supporting UPWA and helping make our 2016 Water, Wildflowers & Trout fundraiser one of our most successful events to date. We appreciate our community so very much.

The Upper Pecos Watershed Association is seeking an individual or organization to share our office located at 78 South Main Street in beautiful downtown Pecos. The office consists of a conference space and two desk areas (we occupy one desk, the one pictured is available) plus a coffee/tea station, a small refrigerator and a bathroom. It is an ideal space for therapists, office personnel, wellness practitioners, massage therapists, private consultants,...etc.


Ideally we are seeking someone who would use the space 20-30 hours per week and able to share some overlapping time with one UPWA employee who works part-time. Rent will depend on time you will be occupying the space. Please contact Reina Fernandez at upwa@pecoswatershed.org or leave a message at 505-757-3600 for additional information. 

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