UPWA Wetland Action Plan

Upper Pecos Watershed Association - Pecos Wilderness Katherine Wetland
Photo Credit: Jim O’Donnell – www.jimodonnellphotography.com

A Wetlands Action Plan is a planning document designed to address wetlands within the boundaries of a specific watershed. Wetlands and riparian areas have ecological, economic, and aesthetic value and serve many vital functions including water purification, storage, pollution prevention, erosion reduction, nutrient capture and recycling and habitat included food shelter and water for many different types of wildlife. A Wetland Action Plan describes the current status of wetland types, distribution and condition within the watershed. It is recognized as a working document that represents the best information available at the time. This plan also documents and provides information for improving wetland condition, identifies sites that can be protected and/or restored and where additional monitoring and inventory are needed.

Upper Pecos Watershed Wetland Action Plan